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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

5 Top Most Influential Bloggers

There are a lot of Bloggers around the world wide web, but some Bloggers rule the blogosphere by their views and writing, influencing the blogosphere at large. 

Here they are  

Gina TrapaniGina Trapani
She is the founding editor of Lifehacker, which was one of the first Blogs I started reading since its early days, and Gina has pushed LH to be one of the most popular blogs ever. It has a daily dose of everything from life hacks to your geeky adventures. Send her a tip, and wait for the news to circulate…

Age – 31 years

Earning - $3,00,000 per Month

Launched – 2004

Visitors - 22 Million Page Views per month

Twitter followers – 1.5 million

Advertising methods - Banner Ads, Text advertising

Lorelle vanFossen
Lorelle WordPress 
When I switched from blogger to wordpress, one blog consistently guided me through my newbie wordpress steps. Meet Lorelle on WordPress, queen of wordpress, whose useful tips and tricks on everything WordPress will help you become a better wordpress blogger. Also blogging on BlogHerald.

Age – 46 years

Earning - $2,80,000 per Month

Launched – 2007

Visitors - 19 Million Page Views per month

Advertising methods - Text advertising, Affiliate

JensenseJennifer Slegg
She blogs infrequently, but when she does, it is the most authoritative analysis of contextual text advertising on the web anywhere. Wait for Google adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network to modify a policy… and await the JenSense take on the issue. I have never been disappointed, and learnt a lot about the finer clauses.

Age – 29 years

Earning - $2,00,000 per Month

Launched – 2006

Visitors - 18 Million Page Views per month

Advertising methods - Text advertising, Affiliate

Liz StraussLiz Strauss
She is successfully blogging on the Successful blog and recognizing SOB’s (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers). Possibly the most influential relational blogger, by recognizing good content, she has a fan following of SOB’s. When this blog was taking its early stumbling steps, she inspired me to be worthy of the SOB award.

Age – 32 years

Earning - $1,00,000 per Month

Launched – 2008

Visitors - 16 Million Page Views per month

Advertising methods - Text advertising, Affiliate

Emily Chang 
You just need to keep track of eHub to know whats happening around web 2.0. For years, its continues as an amazing Web 2.0 resource regularly updated with the latest buzz. Follow ehub and you will never miss a new tool or service.

I know there are hundreds of wonderful women bloggers out there and many more influence us now. This is my personal list of 5 women bloggers who have influenced continued to inspire us since this blog started.

Earning - $1,00,000

Daily Visits - 1 Million Visitors a day

Launched – 2005

Advertising methods – Banners

Topics – eHub

Top 5 Bloggers World wide & Their Aprox Earnings

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Top 5 Bloggers In India & Their Earnings

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1) Blog - TechCrunch

Michael Arrington

Name – Michael Arrington

Age – 30 years

Earning - $6,00,000 per Month

Topics – Sillicon valley startups

Alexa Rank – 355

Launched – 2004

Visitors - 26 million page views per month

Twitter followers – 1.5 million

Advertising methods - Banner Ads,Text advertising

About – TechCrunch was started by Michael Arrington in his backyard as a hobby . The problem with him was that he was obsessed with silicon valley startups. He updated his blog with 20-30 posts every day giving minute details of each and every budding idea in the valley. He attended every seminars and presentations and inserted his head into the veins of budding entrepreneurs. 

His blog constantly rose up and now have become the best tech blog in the world. His blogging team now comprises of 40 bloggers and he had extended his network of other tech blogs.

Michael is now the 1400 character twitter for sillicon valley giving you the latest updates and crunching his bank balance with the huge money earned from advertising on his Blogs.

2. Mashable

pete cashmore
Pete cashmore

Name - Pete CashMore

Earning – $5,00,000 Per Month

Topics – Social Media

Alexa Rank – 281

Age – 28 Years

Launched – 2006

Monthly Page Views – 25 million

Twitter Followers – 2 million

Pete Cashmore started Mashable when he was 18 year old. Now Mashable is the most read blog centered around social media. He have converted mashable into a multi author blog and is now one of the hottest geek on the planet.

3. Perez Hilton

perez hilton
Perez hilton

Name – Mario Lavandeira

Earning - $3,00,000

Daily Visits - 1 Million Visitors a day

Launched – 2005

Advertising methods – Banners

Topics – Celebrity Gossip

Mario Lavandeira is the man who earns so much by just spreading rumors and juicy gossips of celebrities. He writes 25-30 post everyday. Blogging have made him a celebrity and he regularly gets featured on talk shows and events.

4. Timothysykes

tim sykes
tim sykes

Name – Timothy Sykes

Earning – $ 1,80,000

Age – 27 Years

Topics – Stocks

Revenue sources - From affiliate sales and his paid memebership schemes.

Tim sykes make money writing about money. He had written more than 2000 blog posts till date and give penny stock tips for everyone who can afford his membership area.

5. TutsPlus -

collis taeed
collis taeed

Name – Collis Taeed

Earning – $1,20,000

Topics – Tutorial covering design and tools.

Revenue Source – Membership

Coolis taood is a german web designer who has turned its blog into the most powerful tutorial blog on earth.